Chaplick Clocks
G.J. Chaplick, MBHI

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  • Overhauls, repairs and complete restorations. Most work returned within two weeks. Extra time required for extensive restorations.

  • Restoration of cases (including lacquering).

  • One year in-home guarantee of overhauls (in most cases).

  • Service calls in home or office.

  • All work called for and delivered.

  • Free estimates in Chicago (nominal fee for suburbs and longcase clocks)

  • Horological items purchased, whatever their condition.

  • Secure clocks and barometers for moving, and set up in new location.

  • Accurate, detailed written appraisals with photo identification.

  • Horological research.

  • Examination, evaluation and representation at auctions and other places of sale.

  • Services available nationwide.

P.O. Box 412243
Chicago, IL 60641

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